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What we do

We put our hands in the engine

  • We take care of  HR developement.
  • Through business-proof training we accelerate the change towards the market, building the skills and motivations to obtain concrete results quickly.
  • We analyze the customer’s business processes and culture and measure how much the skills affect the results.
  • We identify the critical aspects of the performances and we intervene on the behaviors to be corrected.





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Claudio has a master degree at Bocconi University of Milan in Management, with an industrial marketing specialization obtained at the Management School. He begins his career in the sales department, subsequently assuming responsibility for commercial coordination.

Claudio Zamagni, CEO

In 2001 he founds Choralia and, alongside with the realization of the mission, he mainly deals with consulting projects related to the integration of clients’ business objectives and skills development.

Lorenzo De Grandi, President

He has focused his studies on emotional intelligence and leadership, constantly creating and updating training models for the development of emotional intelligence and leadership applied to the business.

Roberto Esposito, Senior Partner

He follows projects of general management, marketing, sales and relational dynamics applied to the operational reality. He is also Client Leader on statistical analysis projects of the relationship between skills and performance based on the VANTIC ® model. He collaborates with various Italian Universities as a teacher in bachelor and Masters courses.

Marco Bona, Associate Partner
Nicolò-CALERI Choralia

In Choralia he deals with commercial training projects in the industry of banking, financial and insurance services. He also works in the automotive sector and in the fitness sector, of which he is a specialist of national importance.

Nicolò Caleri, Associate Partner

Professional ICF coach since 2008 and Business Trainer since 2011, he deals with Gamification since 2014. As a coach he is specialized in training and management of international sales networks, with particular focus on the Far East markets (China and Southeast Asia) and Australia.

Federico Vigorelli Porro, Gamification Expert, Business Trainer, Quality Manager

For Choralia he follows consulting and training projects, in companies and Business Schools, in the areas of Project Management and Sales.

Cristiano Ottavian, Business Trainer, Project Management

In Choralia he takes care specifically of finance projects and of the strategic partnerships with Celemi, as project manager for all projects that involve the use of business simulation.

Carlo Savazzi, Business Trainer, Financial Specialist

In Choralia he mainly follows commercial and communication training projects.

Alessandro Lombardo, Business Trainer

She joined Choralia in 2008, where she followed the development of customers’ portfolio and carried out planning and training activities as a business trainer, mainly for companies in the banking, insurance, industry and healthcare sector.

Silvia Spano, Business Trainer, Client Relationship Manager

His passion for social psychology leads him to deal mostly with the development of personal skills and team work, decision-making processes and organizational well-being.

Gianluca Braga, Business Trainer
Luca-ORNATI Choralia

After finishing an MBA in Madrid he enters in Choralia. Among his duties, the one to reinforce the newborn ViVI Projects division, focused on project management.

Luca Ornati, Business Trainer

With Choralia she participates in managerial training projects for the development of commercial networks skills in the automotive, telecommunications, retail, financial and insurance sectors.

Mariella Cascone, Business Trainer

Talent Management expert and Sales Force Training. Since 2005 she has worked as HR Director with growing responsibilities in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada. She just obtained the PMI certification.

Anna Desole, Associate Partner, Project Management

With our Choralia Business Trainers, training never loses sight of business.

We are a team of 20 selected and trained consultant that understand the strict laws of business and transfer them with pleasure and passion. We all have direct experience in various sectors which allows us to face, even in the classroom, the real operational problems of the participants, speaking their own language.

The Team


Digital Learning

The mission of our Digital Learning division is to is to accompany Training towards its Digital Transformation, through innovative contents and tools.
Choralia is The Human Side of Digital Learning: a partner that puts the company in the condition of connecting human and technological capital, at the service of expected performance results.

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Since 2001 we work with over 150 companies leader of their industry

Customers are choosing us more and more because we take care of people’s results “putting our hands in the engine“, working hard to be more perceived as colleagues rather than as trainers.

1. Soddisfazione circa la capacità di analisi: 83%
2. Soddisfazione circa la capacità di progettazione: 90%
3. Soddisfazione circa la capacità di esecuzione: 88%
4. Soddisfazione circa la capacità di rilascio contenuti formativi: 92
5. Soddisfazione circa i risultati della formazione: 85%
  • Insurances

  • Automotive

  • Banks

  • Biomedical

  • Health

  • Pharma

  • Industry

  • Energy

  • GDO

  • Luxury

  • Public

  • Consulting

  • Telecommunications

  • Education

  • Services

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Our articles

Classroom training is just one moment of a long journey of individual learning. To support this process of professional growth we offer our participants and customers in-depth articles for the development of skills, the result of years of practice and operational research.

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