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We take advantage of prestigious partnerships to bring the highest level of innovation and rigor to our customers.



We are partner with CREMIT – the Center of Research on Media Education for Information and Technology of the Università Cattolica. Thanks to this partnership we are able to work on the frontier of innovation and to create projects with a strong research footprint.

Together with CREMIT we organize the Second Level Master for Media Education Manager, dedicated to developing the necessary skills to guide the Digital Transformation of training.


We are partners with Sole 24 Ore Business School since the XX HR Master Full Time, in which we hold the Digital Learning & Gamification module, with a strong application and experiential method, in order to prepare young Human Resources professionals ready to face digital training projects.

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Federico Vigorelli Porro
Federico Vigorelli PorroEsperto di Gamification
Gamification and management of international sales networks expert. Gamer for a lifetime, now he loves to design gaming systems that can enhance learning or incentive behavior in resources or customers

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