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Bring your organization performance at its best.

How to face change in your company

Human resources development has become a problem both emotional and relational, both technical.

  • People are in crisis both professionally – due to the growing need for new skills – both emotional – due to the pressure, speed and uncertainty that dominate the workplace of any company, large or small.

  • The leaders are questioned: their ability to be leaders,anticipate change and generate motivation – even in difficult working conditions – are daily challenges that require another way of conceiving their role, in which the emphasis on control is only a deadly trap, because it is always late on events.

  • In this condition there are often phenomena of shifting responsibilities, disengagement or even emotional collapse.

Our solution

Since 15 years, Choralia makes of Relational Intelligence its strenght point to catalyze organizational change at all levels.

Whether is necessary an intervention on managerial empathy, or that there is the need to smooth conflictual states in the organization, or even that resources must increase their focus on the client (internal and external), Relational Intelligence is a key that allows us to create a more serene relational atmosphere.

If your goal is to get results with the overall effort of the organization, working both on the climate both on the performance to achieve short and long term goals… our paths for developing competences and performances are organized to face a big range managerial and collaborative problems and opportunities.

At Choralia we improve results because:

  • We talk to people’s hearts, addressing the issue of change in a direct way.

  • We work on the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization system and processes, improving them with the active contribution of people.

  • We provide benchmark on the best performer, to identify the skills that are needed within the company, by personalizing the reference models.

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Anna Desole
Anna DesoleAssociate Partner
She graduated in History and Philosophy at the University of Sassari and began her career in HR in 1997 specializing in the areas of Organizational Development, Recruitment, Talent Management and Sales Force Training. Since 2005 she has worked as HR Director with growing responsibilities in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada. She just obtained the PMI certification.

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