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Cristiano Ottavian

Cristiano Ottavian

Cristiano Ottavian, Business Trainer, Project manager

Cristiano Ottavian, after graduating in management engineering at the University of Udine – with integration at The University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) – begins his career in the insurance sector at Generali, becoming also a financial promoter and deepening both the techniques and dynamics of the sales processes and the management of savings and risk. After a few years, he changed for the environmental sector working for Contarina (formerly Impregilo), a national leader in the recycling and management of the integrated waste cycle. In this context he deepens the techniques of process optimization and project management, in innovation and in the realization of infrastructures and systems.

The management of a cogeneration plant facilitates the transition to the energy sector and specifically the start-up of the first national network of energy efficiency professionals, by Domotecnica. He gained confidence in the design management of technological interventions and value-added services, as well as in the organization and management of events and training programs, in the technical, commercial and management areas. This is also the occasion in which he meets Choralia and begins to collaborate in teaching engineering and in the activity of business trainer.

After becoming a consultant, he worked a lot as a Project Manager and Temporary Manager, focusing on business restructuring missions (processes and organization), product / service innovation, development of commercial networks and markets. Associated with the Project Management Instutute (PMI) ®, he is a member of the editorial board of the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® Nothern Italy Chapter, as well as co-author of “The glossary of terms of Project Management” (2014). For Choralia, Cristiano follows consulting projects and training, both in companies and Business Schools, in the Project Management and Sales field.

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